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Bad Reviews:- Why People Write Bad Reviews?


A negative or Bad online review of your business can kick you in the face and make you feel like you just lost a boxing match without a fight.

That’s how it might feel at first. Then you reassess and think that maybe you should address the customer’s feedback and find a way to manage the negative review to engage, say sorry, and deliver a better customer experience next time.

For whatever reason, many people don’t feel like they can talk to management about the specific problems they have, so they write a negative review online instead. While you can’t predict whenever a patient will have complaints if they don’t tell you, you can be aware of the most common types of complaints. 

Some of the main Reason for bad reviews:

Poor Customer Service

Nothing gets to people more like rude customer service. We all expect service to be friendly, efficient, and speedy. Why do you think people hate going to the DMV so much?

If you browse Yelp’s many review pages, you’ll find that most of the bad reviews mention poor customer service. The good reviews? Not so much! It can be frustrating for business owners- you don’t often get credit for great service, but you get plenty of bad press for bad service.


We live in an age of short attention spans. When was the last time you can remember reading the whole “Terms of Service” or “Licensing Agreement” for a piece of software? These days, most of us are so used to skipping over these things, that we do it in most aspects of our lives.

It’s not uncommon for customers to get upset when they don’t anticipate a particular part of a service to happen- even if they signed an agreement that explained it to them. Plenty of customers get upset when they fail to pay attention or read “the fine print”, even if the company policy is stated plain as day.

Hard to please customers!

And of course, some people just want to complain! We’ve all experienced a patient or customer at some point who just doesn’t seem to be satisfied with anything. Online review sites tend to highlight these types of reviewers, unfortunately. They can really sabotage a business if they aren’t confronted in a proper and professional way.

It’s best to treat this type of customer with courtesy and not get too involved. Most customers will be satisfied with an apology and give you a chance to make it right by fixing the mistake or giving a refund- not so with hard to please customers. Publicly handling the situation with grace and professionalism says a lot about you to potential customers and will go a long way.

Feeling worthless: 

People who are in your same industry and who aren’t doing as well as you might feel worthless when they see you making it to the top and so they might give you negative reviews, and even believe in them, just to protect their self-esteem.

To feel important or in control: 

So many people who don’t have enough self-esteem try to control others in order to feel good about themselves. By controlling the result somewhere else they can feel in control of their lives even if that feeling lasts for a few minutes.

Many consumers are motivated by financial reimbursement.

The study found that 48.3 percent of complaining customers would like a refund, while 28.5 percent want store credit or gift card. While I don’t think you should refund every single customer who complains, there are times when a refund may be appropriate.

Each situation will be different, so you’ll have to judge each accordingly.

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