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Tired of Yelp? Here are 6 Alternative to Yelp.


Yelp is a crowd-sourced local business review Website, and many use this site to either advertise their business or find a business that has what they’re looking for, but what are some yelp alternatives? Here are Top 6 Alternatives Websites for yelp.

1. Foursquare

Foursquare is all about discovering new ways to explore your hometown. The site is able to recommend locations based on your previous selections and creates preferences specifically for you. Foursquare offers you to compete with your friends based on your recurrently visited places.

2. Judy’s Book

Judy’s Book is an online yellow page used by millions of members to discover the ideal deals, discounts, and coupons they are looking for. You can choose to trace businesses and professionals, such as pizza restaurants, dry cleaners, dentists, restaurants, physicians, and plumbers.


Using this website, you can find everything going on in your city. And by everything, I mean literally everything. Simply enter what you want to search along with the city name and it will display the results just like any search engine would along with their location on the map. Simply click on any result and the website will show you the reviews regarding the same. Owners can even add their business to this website’s listing.

4. Angie’s list

This website is also for both, the users as well as the owners. Let’s talk about users. In order to search for local vendors or service providers, they will need to sign up first. You can register for free using the green membership plan and start finding out about the review for local stores submitted by other users. Their team also works on eliminating anonyms reviews from the website making it a much better option than Yelp. You can also find product reviews in Angie’s list such as bathrooms, cabinet, and countertops, household items and many more.

And for owners and contributors, it is a complete package. They can find the required tools and a team to start working on their business exposure. And they can also seek job request through the website’s message center.


This website is mainly for finding out the strategies and tools to grow your business at the next level. Here you will find everything from the basics of business, finance, marketing, technology, and human resources. Using their report card feature, you will be able to find the online review of your business by their experts.

6. WOWPilot

WOWPilotgives voice to millions of shopper experiences and helps businesses, be it local or worldwide, retail brands collect, analyze, answer, and distribute consumer reviews. Our influential syndication partnerships establish consumer trust by publishing those reviews through Google, Bing, Facebook, and other channels.  You Can also Submit Business Listing on WOWPilot.

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