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How WOWPilot Reviews Increases Sales Up to 50% for StartUps?


Converting traffic into leads or sales is one of the primary goals of marketing, and it’s also one of the most difficult parts of running an e-commerce store.

WOWPilot is targeted to consumers, there’s a lot your business can do on the site. First, you have to officiallyadd Your Free Business ListingYour business might already exist without you knowing and you don’t want a stranger writing your business profile.

After your store is verified, you should then make sure your page is up-to-date with accurate information, like your store phone number, address, menu items, etc. The more information you provide, the more reasons customers have to make a visit! You can also optimize your SEO (search engine optimization) by adding in keywords about your business, just like you would do on a website. Doing this will give you useful information such as demographic information about reviewers and the number of site visitors and you can use to understand your market better.

What is WOWPilot for Business Owners?

WOWPilot for business owners gives access to both free and paid use of tools to connect your business to consumers using the Website. WOWPilot has three packages: A free package, allowing you to manage your profile with basic tools, a “Small Business” package, allowing for more customization, and a “Companies package” which lets you Collect Reviews By Email as Well.

How Reviews Affect Sales

Reviews are quite simply one of the best conversion tools you have at your disposal. Statistics from digital consultant agencies around the web all point to one thing, reviews help to boost sales by improving conversion rates.

BazaarVoice found that consumers who interact with customer questions or reviews while on a website were 105% more likely to make a purchase. This is a rather powerful statistic to take into consideration for your e-commerce business.

How WOWPilot Everywhere Led to Higher Sales?

WOWPilot ’s reviews have played a central part in all of Rivervale’s marketing.

“Our reviews are shown everywhere we can put them. Specifically on all email marketing campaigns. It’s on our website at the top of every page and throughout. It’s in our digital marketing via Google organic search results. It’s everywhere!”

50% increase in sales with WOWPilot

We invite our customers to leave reviews in an objective and unbiased way. This provides us with an insight into the quality of our services and team. We’ve been able to identify what we’re doing well and what our customers love.

On the rare occasion that we’ve received a poor review, we’ve addressed the issues with the client and work tirelessly to improve the customer experience.

Local businesses cannot hide from WOWPilot

WOWPilot marketing affects all local businesses…not just restaurants. Consumers search for online reviews for all of these types of local businesses (and more): Hotels, bed & breakfast places, medical and healthcare providers, clothing stores, hair and beauty places, grocery stores, automotive services places, tradesmen, fitness places, childcare providers, realtors, locksmiths, and…oh yeah…restaurants and cafes, too.

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