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How SMMsumo Increased Conversion Rates, Using WOWPilot?


Social Media Marketing Company SMMsumo achieved a 50% increase in conversion rates on pages featuring WOWPilot widgets, vs. those that did not. ” WOWPilot has surpassed our expectations and made a significant difference.” – Mark Weins, Business Analyst SMMsumo.


They have been in the Market since 2013 and have served over 20,000 people since then. It is also found that 85% of their customer base are so satisfied that they refer to their friends and even return to buy more. They’re one of the few companies that guarantee their service and that will provide lasting, effective results for any fan page. In addition to increasing your Facebook likes, they can also increase likes on photos, statuses, and website links. Their entire team is located in the US, and they’ve been growing their client’s Facebook pages for years (from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies). 
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SMMSUMO’s Overall Goal

The boost you get from these Buy Instagram Followers packages is nothing short of phenomenal. You might think that your online business needs to wait around to build the requisite amount of Followers and Likes, until people online make a note of your presence. That might be true, but when are involved, not at all! And that’s the best part out of all the available online marketing methods! Getting more Likes and Followers is probably the easiest thing to do in the world because of us. And They SMMSUMO makes sure that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

The company was keen to work with a third-party review platform(us,WOWPILOT) to help capture how customers rated the product’s performance and effectiveness. By providing trustworthy ratings SMMSUMO aimed to instill confidence in new customers of their product – many of whom might be fixing or improving something for the first time.


SMMSUMO launching in 2013, SMMSUMO knew how beneficial reviews were for sales and realized they needed a way to harness that power for customers shopping directly from their website.

SMMSUMO’s primary objectives:

  • An easy way to capture and share customer reviews;
  • Showcase a third-party reviews provider on its website to validate their product, stellar customer service, and superior post-sales support in an unbiased fashion;
  • Monitor reviews for insights that the product development team can use to improve SMMSUMO

WOWPILOT sales said they could help us increase conversions, but we stayed conservative in our expectations. WOWPILOT has surpassed our expectations. They were realistic and I love it
 – Samuel Anderson, Marketing Manager, SMMSUMO

The Results

  • Successful collection of nearly 50+ reviews, primarily positive, achieving a TrustScore of 9.4/10, or a 4.5/5 star rating
  • 85% increase in conversion rates on pages featuring WOWPILOT widgets, vs. those that did not.

Following a three month period in which WOWPILOT  A/B tested WOWPILOT widgets featuring their reviews on their website, they discovered the widget lead to a 85% increase in conversion rates.


What is WOWPilot?

WOWPilot gives voice to millions of shopper experiences and helps businesses , be it local or worldwide, retail brands collect, analyze, answer, and distribute consumer reviews. Our influential syndication partnerships establish consumer trust by publishing those reviews through Google, Bing, Facebook, and other channels. 

What are the Plans WOWPilot Offers ? and describes the plans.

  • Starter Pack
    Only Free Listing, and Collect Reviews
  • Small Business  Pack
    Get Featured, Free Listing, Collect Reviews, Display Reviews On Your Website, Displays Reviews on Google
  • Companies  Pack
    In Companies Plan they have all Features Like Displays Reviews on Google, Collect Reviews By Email Select.

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